Absolutely – many countries and schools take fresh university and TEFL graduates. Check the specific job listing of schools, if experience is required it will be specified.

Yes – almost all schools require it, and certainly the best paying and most reputable ones do. It’s usually required for a legal work visa to teach in a country. Make sure it is a120 hour TEFL or more.

No problem – you’ll be working in an English-speaking environment! That being said, learning the local language is fun and a nice skill development over time, and will make your cultural experience that much more fulfilling. Many schools offer free local language classes to get you started, so we recommend you take advantage of it!

Sure –schools have administrators tasked with helping you settle in, get a phone card, bank account, place to stay(if accommodations aren’t provided), point you to the best medical facilities, and overall help you to answer any and all questions you may have.


Usually not necessary, but check with the country or school you are applying to.

Schools almost always pick you up at the airport, put you up in a hotel or apartment, and teach you how to commute to your training place or school upon arrival. This will be thoroughly detailed by your employing school, don’t worry.