TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Other acronyms you will hear include TESOL (teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) and the crown jewel of them all, CELTA (Certified English Language Training to Adults).

;”>All of the above teaching abroad certifications are interchangeable for employment and training purposes. They are all accepted. What you want to make sure of is that your certification is a minimum of 120 hours – that’s the magic number most countries acknowledge as the baseline, and certifications less than 120 hours aren’t accepted in many countries.

TEFL certification can be completed in-class or online. Traditional in-class TEFL training programs offer the added benefits of live coaching, peer feedback and a live classroom setting to help teachers be best prepared for the world of teaching ESL abroad.

Destination TEFLs are a popular option for new teachers looking to take their TEFL certification in a new and exotic location, combining travel with TEFL certification to launch their ESL teaching adventure thru learning and working holiday. Eastern Teach is partnering with Study Bali International to offer a 6-week in-class TEFL program in Bali, with job placement options following the TEFL.

Do I need TEFL Certification?

The short answer is yes – teaching certification is required in nearly all countries for teaching English abroad and obtaining a work visa.

Most employers need a copy of your TEFL certification when applying for your work visa, along with things like your passport, university degree, criminal background check and medical check, amongst other supporting documents. These requirements vary somewhat from country to country and school to school in some cases, so check with us and your school on the specific requirements where you are applying to work.

Remember, the key is a 120 hour TEFL or more – anything less runs the risk of not being accepted in most countries.

BALI TEFL – Get Certified in Paradise!

The BALI TEFL is a recognized 120-hour in-class course which prepares and certifies teachers for their ESL teaching career. Delivered in SBI’s corporate headquarters minutes from the beach in Sanur, Bali, the course covers the fundamentals and principles of ESL teaching taught by qualified course instructors holding DELTA and Master TESOL certifications over a 6-week period.

Instruction is given in a classroom setting through a combination of lectures, role-plays, group assignments and class observations. Course content focuses on preparing teachers for all types of teaching, all age groups, class sizes, and formats (1-on-1, large classes, online class, and in-person class delivery). The course also includes 6 hours of in-class and online assessed teaching practice with real students.